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Industrial Touch Screen No Response How To Deal With
- May 10, 2018 -

Industrial touch screen malfunction: a touch screen can't work, no response to touch anywhere. Industrial touch screen failure analysis first check whether the connection interface is loose, then check whether the serial port and interrupt number are in conflict. If there is conflict, the resources should be adjusted to avoid conflict. Check the surface of the touch screen for cracks, if any cracks should be replaced in time. You also need to check the surface of the touch screen for grime. If so, use a soft cloth to remove it. Observe whether the indicator on the control box is working properly. When normal, the indicator is green and flashing. If the upper part is normal, you can check the touch screen with the replacement method, replace the control box first, replace the touch screen, and finally replace the host. If it is a surface acoustic wave touch screen can be carried out maintenance as follows: 1) may be a touch screen in the attachment, one of the connection between a host wired keyboard at the mouth of the working voltage (5 v from the keyboard mouth touch screen) not connected, please check the attachment. 2) may be a touch screen driver installation process of the selected serial number and a touch screen that of the serial number is not the actual connection, please uninstall the driver to install 3) is likely to be the host for domestic original installed, on the outside of the operating system for the OEM version, to be adjusted, caused the non standard serial port communication, the driver is not compatible with touch screen, if possible, please format the hard disk, drive the touch screen after installation. 4) in the host whether there is a device with a serial port resource conflict check and adjust the hardware equipment. For example, some network adapter installed by default IRQ for 3, and COM2 IRQ conflict, at this time should be nic IRQ to switch to free the unused IRQ. 5) it is possible that the touch screen driver version is too low, please install the latest driver.

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