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Accurate Tips For Choosing LCD Screens
- May 10, 2018 -

The world's liquid crystal display has become an important pillar of the display, becoming the world's number one manifester profession. Liquid crystal. The image that is left to you is that liquid crystal is a kind of apparatuses.

Backlit pick: LCD is forced to light type appeared, it is necessary to have the light, LCD will be revealed, transmission type liquid crystal is necessary to add set light, reflection type liquid crystal needs strong ambient light, half the semi-permeable type request strong ambient light or add backlit LCD.

Temperature scale: many small character type LCD and graphic dot matrix LCD with normal temperature and wide temperature, and the big graphic dot matrix LCD wide temperature contrast is rare in the mainland market, room temperature usually refers to working temperature 0-50 ℃, wide temperature to 20-70 ℃; There are also certain requests for humidity.

For CD/m2 brightness, brightness unit or Nit (Nit), some of the TN, the STN LCD (DSTN) or 100 CD/m2 brightness, but currently used 5-6 pseudo color contrast of the STN screen brightness all around 130 CD/m2, kyocera LCD brightness with a 5.7 200 CD/m2, and the brightness of the LCD TFT class is more than 150 CD/m2, we also can supply some of the super high brightness LCD, 1000 CD/m2 brightness, and even the 1600 CD/m2. Vi.

Accessories: as there is no international standard standards, interface of the LCD, so different manufacturers, different kinds of LCD interface signal is usually not consistent, so when choosing liquid crystal, pay attention to purchase the accessories (including signal bridging equipment, inverter, etc.)

After-sales service and brand selection: normally, has appeared once appear circuit fault, only to return factory repair, so its after-sales service is particularly important at this point by science and technology is a trustworthy, must not covet is cheap and choose those who can't ensure after-sales service products with a less known and inferior brand

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