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WIWO Company is a professional manufacturer, researcher and designer of Industrial Projected Capacitive Touch Panel / Screen, which has been certificated by IATF16949:2016/ISO9001:2015. Our product design and market orientation target the high-spec industrial and medical markets.Our major product range includes Glass+Glass, Glass+Film, Glass+film+film, full lamination, 3D touch screen and large size touch screen. 

WIWO’s market orientation targets mission-critical products, including industrial computers, medical instruments, public transport, public information, POS, HMI, aerospace systems, maritime equipment etc. Thus, our products are constantly subjected to the challenges of harsh environments and rigorous standards. To this end, we have implemented stringent quality assurance procedures. All our touch products must pass strict environmental tests and WIWO’s internal quality checks to ensure their reliability and stability.

Applications of WIWO Touch Products:

Industrial Human-Machine Equipment相关图片

WIWO touchproducts go through rigorous quality checks to ensure high reliability and stability, and are thus particularly suited for industrial control systems, human-machine interfaces (HMI), central control systems, robot automated equipment, etc.

相关图片Medical Equipment

WIWO touch total solutions can achieve the high reliability required for medical applications and provide support for features such as gloved touch and anti-smudge that are essential in medical applications.


Public Information

WIWO touch products are highly durable and can be applied in public information facilities such as ticket machines, ATM’s, or kiosks.


WIWO touch products are recognized for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand harsh environments, making them a great choice for on-board equipment in vehicles, aeronautical systems, navigation equipment, etc.


   Commercial Applications

WIWO touch products are made with the best materials. 相关图片We offer reliable total touch solutions for every application,including hand-held devices, POS (Point of Sale), and entertainment devices.