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The Transparent ITO Conductive Film On The Resistive Touch Screen Has The Technical Requirements
- May 10, 2018 -

The transparent ITO conductive film on the resistive touch screen has the technical requirements. The coating should not be too thick, otherwise it will not only reduce the transmittance, but also form the inner reflector and reduce the clarity. The coating should not be too thin or easy to break. In use process, because of the touch screen working accuracy depends on the precision of resistance network to realize, if there is failure somewhere resistance network will make the touch screen touch failure: often touched touch screen surface, thin surface layer of a layer of ITO transparent conductive films can appear tiny crack, can also lead to touch failure; The outer layer of the transparent ITO conductive film is made of plastic material with no protective coating, so the safety is poor. But, structurally, resistive touch screen is a relatively closed system, compared to other touch screen, therefore, is not affected by outside contaminants, such as dust, vapor, oil stain, etc., and is suitable for wearing gloves or not directly with the hand touch, so can work normally under the bad environment, suitable for airborne display system.

Two transparent touch screen above the composite layer, four lines and eight lines touch screen consists of two layers with the same surface resistance of transparent resistance material composition, lines to five or seven touch screen by a resistance of layer and a conductive layer, usually with an elastic material separated to two layers. When the pressure on the surface of the touch screen is large enough, such as pressing on the tip or finger, there is contact between the top and bottom. All resistive touch screens use the principle of voltage dividers to produce voltages representing X and Y coordinates. As shown in figure 3, the voltage divider is achieved by series of two resistors. The above resistor (R1) is connected to the positive reference voltage (VREF) and the following resistance (R2) is grounded. The voltage measured at the two resistance joints is proportional to the resistance of the resistance below.

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