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Touch screen technology
- May 10, 2018 -

The touch screen is structurally composed of an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive signals from a touch head or other touch action. When the sensing display receives a touch signal, the entire touch device will execute different instructions in accordance with the programmed program to realize the user's touch intention. This technology replaces the traditional mechanical button device, with the LCD screen, can get very vivid image and operation enjoyment, has been welcomed by more and more people.

Touch screen technology first appeared in some industrial and commercial equipment, such as POS terminals, elevator buttons, etc. The touch screen technology is very convenient for human computer interaction, and the touch screen itself is strong and durable. These features make the touch screen technology have a great application and development. With touch screen technology, users can solve the complicated operation problems by clicking the corresponding touch pattern with their fingers, which greatly facilitates users. Because of the introduction of I Phone in recent years, it has stimulated the development of touch screen related industries, and the touch screen technology has been applied to different products. Along with the mobile Internet, cloud computing, such as the rapid development of technology, people demand for touch screen technology and requirements are also increasing, believe touch-screen technology will be more and more appear in different electronic products. In addition, the touch screen in the field of automotive electronics and retailing also has the very big development space, provide relevant authoritative survey, in 2012, used in automobile electronic touch screen and retail market will reach $2 billion, accounting for 20% of the touch screen industry overall market. In the PC industry at the same time, due to the continuous development of Microsoft's operating system, touch screen technology will also occupies a very important role, along with healthcare, public facilities, etc., the popularity of touch screen control technology will further, has a very good market prospects.

Chinese touch screen consumer market has great potential, especially in digital electronic products market, in the touch screen industry, however, the touch screen industry in China is mainly focused on middle and lower reaches of industry chain, is currently in shenyang, liaoning province shen also set up a mobile phone manufacturing center in the north new district, attracted including sim phone touch screen manufacturers. On the one hand, it reflects the strong market of mobile phone touch screen, on the other hand, it also reflects the low technology content of the touch screen industry in China, mainly processing OEM. In touch screen in the industrial chain, however, touch screen driver chip is the core, determine the advantages and disadvantages of touch screen products, the world's biggest chip design companies are committed to research and development of high precision, low power consumption of touch screen driver chip.

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