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Advantages and disadvantages of resistance touch screen
- May 10, 2018 -


Resistive touch screen and control system has the advantage of its screen is cheaper, response sensitivity is good, and whether 4-wire resistive touch screen or five line resistance touch screen, they are a completely isolated to the outside environment, does not fear the dust and water vapor, can adapt to the harsh environment. It can be touched with any object and has good stability. [12]

The advantages of resistive touch screen can be classified as:

1. The resistive touch screen is of high precision and can reach the level of pixel point, with the maximum resolution of 4096x4096.

2. The screen is not affected by dust, water vapor and oil pollution. It can be used in a low or high temperature environment.

3. The resistive touch screen USES pressure sensing, which can be touched by any object, even with gloves, and can be used for handwriting recognition.

4. The resistive touch screen is relatively cheap due to the mature technology and low threshold.


Defect is resistive touchscreen outer membrane is easy to cause scratches touch screen is not available, multilayer structure will lead to great loss of light, for handheld devices usually need to increase the back light to compensate for bad light penetration problem, but this will increase the consumption of the battery.

The disadvantages of resistive touch screen can be classified as:

1. Resistive touch screen can be designed as multitouch, but when two compression at the same time, the pressure of the screen become unbalanced, lead to error, touch and multi-touch realization degree is more difficult.

2. The resistive touch screen is easy to be damaged due to scratches, etc.

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