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Resistive touch screen is a kind of sensor
- May 10, 2018 -

The resistive touch screen is a sensor that converts the physical position of the touch point (X,Y) in the rectangular area to the voltage representing the X and Y coordinates. Many LCD modules use a resistive touch screen, which USES a four-wire, five-wire, seven-wire or eight-wire screen to produce a screen offset voltage, while reading the voltage at the touch point.

Today, many different kinds of touch screen, which don't have the touch screen has a resistive multi-touch function, interference degree of surface wave, surface acoustic wave and surface stress measuring capacitance, acoustic pulse recognition, touch screen can realize have infrared multi-touch function matrix, image LCO matrix touch screen, infrared waveguide matrix, induction capacitance matrix. Now the cost of sensing capacitive touch screens has begun to decline as the iphone's capacitive touch screen becomes more practical. And the most widely used is the resistive touch screen, the research is also the most extensive.

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