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Principle overview of capacitive touch screen
- May 10, 2018 -

Capacitive touch to achieve multi-touch, rely on is to increase the mutual capacitance electrode, simply put, is to screen block, in every region set up a set of mutual capacitance modules are independent, so the capacitance screen can detect a touch of the regional independence, after processing, simply realize multi-touch.

The capacitance Touch Panel is used to make use of the human body's current induction. Capacitive screen is a four layer composite glass screen, the inner surface of the glass screen and interlayer coating a layer of ITO (indium tin oxide nanoparticles), the outermost layer is only 0.0015 mm thick silica glass coating, laminated ITO coating for working face, four Angle of draw out four electrodes, inner ITO layer to screen to ensure that the working environment.

When a user capacitive touch screen, the electric field due to the human body, your fingers and face form a coupling capacitance, because the working plane to have a high frequency signal, so the fingers on a very small current, respectively from the current screen in the four corners of the electrode, and theoretically through the four electrodes with the finger to the four corners of the current is proportional to the distance, the controller through the precise calculation of the four current ratio, it is concluded that location. Can achieve 99% accuracy, with less than 3ms response speed.

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