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Development Difficulties Of Projective Capacitive Screen
- May 10, 2018 -

Chip technology: at present, the main mainstream is the pattern electrode of the single-sided prismatic structure of cypress scheme. 2. Touch panel technology: it requires multiple coating, lithography and etching. The process is quite complex, and the yield is difficult to improve. There are many process details that need to be tackled and optimized. 3. Development cycle: same chip, different touch electrode design will affect the final touch effect, sensitivity, accuracy, anti-interference, etc. Will need to be not broken optimization and material selection, such as the choice of ITO square resistance, line width line is apart from the design, circuit resistance control and so on, the development cycle is quite long, high cost of development: due to the need for repeated debug to choose optimal parameters of the take, this process not only is long, and the cost is very high, the conventional design, mask have to 3 pieces, calculated at 15000 each, such as design changes have to redesign a bit mask. It is very expensive to cut glue, shadow solution, lotion, glass substrate and clear glass sputter, and the power cost is quite high. 5, finding talent: projected capacitive screen comes to chip technology and touch panel technology, understand the chips don't understand, touch panel process, when the design not considering the influence of process on objectively, the design of the whole theory doesn't work. The understanding of the process does not understand the chip technology. It is estimated that the variation in the process will not affect the driver. The potential failure will result in unstable performance, and it will not be able to understand what is happening. So need to build a complete team, chip technology, before the panel process technology, the process of each section of joint technical team to accelerate the development of the whole, be short of one cannot, unless it is a generalist.

Projected capacitive screens are widely used in our daily life each domain, such as mobile phone, media player, navigation systems, digital cameras, digital cameras, digital photo frame, PDA, game, display, electrical control equipment, medical equipment and so on.

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