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Where did touch screen technology come from?
- Aug 09, 2018 -
7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen

The touch screen originated in the 1970s. In the early stage, it was installed in industrial or commercial equipment such as industrial computer and pos terminal. The introduction of the iphone in 2007 was a milestone in the development of the touch industry. Apple has designed a mobile phone that requires at least 20 buttons to be completed with just three or four, leaving the rest to the touch screen. In addition to giving users more direct and convenient operation experience, it also makes the appearance of mobile phones more fashionable and light, increases the affinity of man-machine direct interaction, arouses the enthusiasm of consumers, and opens up the journey of touchscreen to mainstream control interface.

Depending on the induction mode, the touch screen can be divided into four types: Resistance type, capacitance type, infrared type and acoustic type. Among them, resistive and capacitive are the most widely used in the market, and other technologies may be hard to catch up in the short term. With people's recognition of touch experience, capacitive screen is gradually replacing resistive screen.

The structure of capacitive touch screen is relatively simple compared with resistive touch screen. Due to projected capacitance of capacitive touch screen (capacitive touch screen consists of projected capacitance and surface capacitance type two kinds) can support the current popular multi-touch function, and has higher screen light transmittance, lower overall power consumption, longer service life, etc, are eliminated the market position of resistive touch screens.

Due to the rapid growth of market demand, touch control industry has become popular in recent years, and many manufacturers have jumped into it. From the industrial status of touch screen, the industrial chain can be roughly divided into upstream components, raw material supply and material processing, such as glass substrate manufacturing, ito film manufacturing, pet manufacturing, chemical material supply, control ic supply, etc. Manufacture of touch screen/touch panel; most of the downstream are system integration and terminal manufacturers, such as module manufacturers, display manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers and agents.

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