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What is resistive touch screen technology?
- Aug 15, 2018 -
4 Wire 10.4 Inch RTP

A resistive touch screen is a sensor that converts the physical position of a touch point (x, y) in a rectangular area into a voltage representing an x coordinate and a y coordinate. Many lcd modules use a resistive touch screen that can use four, five, seven, or eight lines to generate the screen bias voltage while reading back the voltage at the touch point. It is basically a film-plus-glass structure. The adjacent side of the film and glass is coated with ito (nano-indium tin metal oxide) coating. Ito has good conductivity and transparency. When touched, the ito under the film will contact the ito on the upper layer of the glass, and the corresponding electrical signal will be transmitted through the inductor, sent to the processor through the conversion circuit, and converted into x and y values on the screen by calculation, and the point is completed. The selected action is presented on the screen.

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