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Three considerations for industrial touch screen purchase
- May 10, 2018 -

First question: consider your budget.

If the budget is enough, and the big brand, you can choose the international first-line brand, Siemens, schneider, AB, bear the touch screen can consider, but the price factor, these brands touch screen performance very well.

If you care very much about price, the touch screen is used only when the monitor is used, and does not always control the input. You can choose some low price comparison of homebred brand, grind degrees, letter, kunlun state of the touch screen can consider, these brand product function is simpler, but the price is quite cheap.

Second question: look at your own needs.

General international first-line brand touch screen, the price is relatively accessible part of the product scope narrow, generally can only be used for its own brand products, part of the brand series of products, even can't adapt to other brands of equipment on the market, wei lun tong in the touch screen is widely used in various brands of various series of industrial control equipment, even with some unknown PLC domestic brands. At the same time, more than 90% of industrial control equipment can be widely used in PC configuration software, PAC(programmable automatic controller), pc-based (industrial control machine), special controller, frequency converter, etc. If your device is not a well-known device or the brand is not equipped with a touch screen, or if you think the touch screen is too expensive, you can consider a generic version of the industry's touch screen.

Third problem: look at performance and authentication.

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