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Resistive Touch Screen
- Jul 27, 2018 -
4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen for Machine

When using resistive touch screen, if it is found that the cursor does not move or can only move in local area, the user can check the touch area of the touch screen is touched by other objects down all the time, for example, once the touch screen was pinned under a display shells or cabinet housing, have been touched is equivalent to a certain point, then feedback to the controller the coordinates of the location is not accurate.

Once the system changes the display resolution, adjusts the screen size and the first installation, there will be incorrect click or drift. The built-in positioning program in the application needs to be started for repositioning.

The surface acoustic wave touch screen working environment demand is higher, it must work in a clean, no dust pollution of the environment, but also touch screen periodically clean the dirt on the surface, otherwise, the dust cover on the reflection stripe around the touch screen or transducer, will influence the correct positioning of the system.

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