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WIWO Technology Has Issued 5mm Thick Glass Touchscreens.
- Aug 28, 2018 -

WIWO Technology has issued a new range of 5mm thick glass touchscreens for rugged and outdoor applications. The current size ranges from 10.4-21.5”, and larger sizes supported with customisation. The glass is supplied full tempered with black edge border, silk printing and grounded edges – they also meet IK08 standard impact protection.

Thick glass touchscreens for rugged and outdoor applications


The touch sensors support a double layer electrode ensuring signal stability and special masking technology that offers an invisible pattern design, and an integrated ESD ring that will resist against 8KV direct discharge and 15KV air discharge.


The touchscreens are supplied with a COF embedded design EETI  IC Controller, with easy mounting and grounding holes on the FPC tail to support solid installation. The touch Controller can support -20 to 70°C operating temperatures, and -30 to 70°C with firmware tuning. There is extra shielding layer on the FPC tail to enhance EMI resistance, and several ESD protection components on the FPC to protect the controller IC from any harmful electrical discharge or surge voltage.


The FPC connector is in the same position with the same pin definition for each model. This means the customer can easily build up a series of system products by using the standard range of PCAP(projected capacitive touch panel) touchscreens.


Additional options include coatings on the glass – for example AF, AG and AR, thickness of glass (upto 10mm) and company logo. Special features like glove touch and water resistance are also available.

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