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Welcome To China International Touch Screen Exhibition
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Would you like to see different kinds of touch screen with your own eyes? China International Touch screen Exhibition is one of the best chances to satisfy your 2 eyes.

China International Touchscreen Exhibition will be covering the whole touchscreen industry chain including the finished products, raw materials, manufacturing equipment, softwares and hardware units and an integrated innovative application device.

Products scopes:

Touch Panel Module/Display, Capacitive Touchscreen, Infrared Touchscreen, Optical Touchscreen, Resistive Touchscreen, In-cell Touchscreen, SAW Touchscreen, Others. Components/Materials, Transparent Conducting Film, Tape, Adhesive Material, Sensor, IC, Electrode Material, Light Emitting/Receiving Element, Connector, Plastic/ Glass Substrate, Paste/Ink Material, MEMS Component. Equipment/Devices, Coating Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Printing Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Etching Equipment, Oven/Heat, Laminating / Assembling Equipment, Testing Equipment, Board Inspection System, Measuring Instrument, Clean-room Equipment.

Time: 05-07 Nov 2018

Address: Shenzhen Internal Exhibition Center, China

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