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Touch Panel Products Finds Good Chance At The 2018 Electronica Fair
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The 2018 Eletronica Fair was just closed with great success. More than 4000 companies  from all over the world  participated this great fair which has biggest influence in electronic products industry. A lot of forums were held at the same time in the fair. Innovation, cooperation and creation are the topic of the time. All the exhibitors and visitors showed great energy and interest to open bigger market and channels. There were 10 halls in total. Over 50,000 people flew into the fair in the 4 days. This created great income for Munick city. 

One of the highlights is the display hall. Different shapes with latest technology attracted a huge number of buyers. The touch panel is very impressive at the display hall. The exhibitors showed the capacitive touch panel. Glass and glass structure touch panels are inquired most. The IC type to support thick cover glass is very popular, especially ILITEK, CYPRESS, EETI. The buyers have great knowledge and experience. It is very easy to discuss the shared information. Most of joiners gave great word to the exhibition. They got what they expected. Samgsung, SONY, TDK and other international big companies shows their strong ability of creation and innovation for the new LCD. The new technology improves our daily life a lot. We can imagine our life style would change a lot in the near future. Let us wait and expect.

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