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The 12th International TouchScreen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The 10th International TouchScreen Technology & Equipment (Shenzhen) Exhibition (Touch China 2019) aims tocreate theglobal high-end forum and exhibitionfortouch business,incontinuous cooperation withpartners from China,Japan, South Koreaand Taiwan, covering an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters; the organizersestablish in-depth cooperation with more than 30 trade associations, more than 50 media at home and abroad.They have invited VIPs from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States in the global flat panel industry. Touch China 2019 will focus onapplication of new technology trends, terminal utilization, application ofconcept innovative products and innovative technology. Touch China 2019 will showcase moreforcetouchproducts, flexible materials and processing technology, smartmesh printing technology, smart automation equipment, high-definition touch display and modular processing technology, large-sized touch screen products, wearable touch technology, fingerprint identification, sapphire materials and process equipment.


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