320X240 Graphic Lcd Display3.5inch

1.Product name : 320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch
2.Model Number : NMLCD-35320240-IQC
3.Interface : RGB-24BIT
4.Response Time : 15 ms

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Product Details

320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch

320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch are being designed with an LED backlight instead of the traditional CCFL backlight, while that backlight is dynamically controlled with the video information (dynamic backlight control). 

Model NameNMLCD-35320240-IQC
Screen Size3.5 inch
Screen TypeTN
Display Dimension73.1X55.5
Viewable Dimension70.08X52.36
Outside Dimension76.9X63.9
Contrast Ratio400
Viewable Angle60/60/50/55
Best Viewing Angle6 o’clock
Operating ModeRGB-24BIT
Color arrangementRGB
Optical SourceLED
Driving Voltage2.8V
Operating Environment-20 +70 ℃

         320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch

iLLimination of LCD

1.CCFL: The LCD panel is lit either by two cold cathode fluorescent lamps placed at opposite edges of the display or an array of parallel CCFLs behind larger displays. A diffuser then spreads the light out evenly across the whole display.

2.WLED array: The LCD panel is lit by a full array of white LEDs placed behind a diffuser behind the panel. LCDs that use this implementation will usually have the ability to dim the LEDs in the dark areas of the image being displayed, effectively increasing the contrast ratio of the display. As of 2012, this design gets most of its use from upscale, larger-screen LCD televisions.

3.RGB-LED array: Similar to the WLED array, except the panel is lit by a full array of RGB LEDs. While displays lit with white LEDs usually have a poorer color gamut than CCFL lit displays, panels lit with RGB LEDs have very wide color gamuts. This implementation is most popular on professional graphics editing LCDs. 


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320X240 graphic lcd display3.5inch

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