2inch Color Tft Lcd Display AF Glass

1.Product name:2inch color tft lcd display AF Glass
2.Model Number:NMLCD-020240320-0219
3.Outside Dimension :48.8X34.5 MM

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2inch color tft lcd display AF Glass

2inch color tft lcd display AF Glass for a computer monitor or some other display that is being viewed from a very close distance, resolution is often expressed in terms of dot pitch or pixels per inch, which is consistent with the printing industry. Display density varies per application, with televisions generally having a low density for long-distance viewing and portable devices having a high density for close-range detail. The Viewing Angle of an LCD may be important depending on the display and its usage, the limitations of certain display technologies mean the display only displays accurately at certain angles.

Model NameNMLCD-020240320-0219
Screen Size2.0 inch
Screen TypeIPS
Display Dimension40.8X30.6
Viewable Dimension46.6X33.6
Outside Dimension48.8X34.5 MM
Contrast Ratio800
Viewable AngleALL
Best Viewing Angle80/80/80/80
Operating ModeMCU-8BIT
Response Time30 MS
Color arrangementRGB
Optical SourceLED
Driving Voltage2.8V
Operating Environment-20 +70 ℃

         2inch color tft lcd display AF Glass2inch color tft lcd display AF Glass

Temporal performance

The temporal resolution of an LCD is how well it can display changing images, or the accuracy and the number of times per second the display draws the data it is being given. LCD pixels do not flash on/off between frames, so LCD monitors exhibit no refresh-induced flicker no matter how low the refresh rate.But a lower refresh rate can mean visual artefacts like ghosting or smearing, especially with fast moving images. Individual pixel response time is also important, as all displays have some inherent latency in displaying an image which can be large enough to create visual artifacts if the displayed image changes rapidly.


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2inch Color Tft Lcd Display AF Glass

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