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Let us know something about ITO touch screen glass
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Nowadays the intelligent products are popularly used in our daily life.We are so familiar with those products. However, do you really understand them? How are they made? If you are interested, let me introduce something about ITO touch screen glass to you.

ITO touch screen glass, the full name" Indium Tin Oxide touch screen glass", is one of the most important components in our lovely electronic products. ITO has 75% Indium, 19% O2, and 8% Sn by weight.ITO is transparent and colorless in thin layers, but in bulk form it is yellowish to grey. In the infrared region of the spectrum, you will see it plays as a metal-like mirror and you can see yourself in it.Indium tin oxide(ITO touch screen glass) is one of the most widely used transparent conducting oxides because of its two main properties: its electrical conductivity and optical transparency, as well as the ease with which it can be deposited as a thin film.ITO touch screen is a new technology which has changed our life a lot. The scientists have showed more and more interest on such touch screen products.  As with all transparent conducting films, a compromise must be made between conductivity and transparency, since increasing the thickness and increasing the concentration of charge carriers increases the material's conductivity, but decreases its transparency.

If you would like to know more about ITO touch screen glass, welcome to keep following up with our information. If you travel to China, welcome to visit our factory and you will see with our own eyes. Thank you for your  time to browse the information of ITO touch screen glass. See you next time.

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