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Capacitive touch screen precautions and common problems
- May 10, 2018 -

1, if the user is using a capacitive touch screen, then suggest the user in use for the first time, first to correctly installed according to the requirements of relevant specifications required for capacitive touch screen driver, and then, in turn, click on "start" on the screen with your fingers "program"/" Microtouch Touchware "to run the screen calibration procedures, calibration is complete, the system will automatically after the calibration data stored in the register of the controller, then reboot the system after it without calibration screen again.

2, if midway capacitive touch screen operation, again changed the touch screen resolution or display mode, or to adjust the touch screen after the refresh rate of the controller, feel the cursor and does not correspond to the touch point, must be on the touch screen system for calibration operation again.

3, in order to guarantee the normal work of the touch screen system, in addition to ensure the correctness of the system software installation, must also remember do not install in a host of two or two or more of the touch screen driver, it will easily lead to conflict when a system is running, so that the touch screen system can't normal use.

4, when using resistive touch screen, if it is found that the cursor up or only move in the local area, the user can check the touch area of the touch screen is touched by other objects down all the time, for example, once the touch screen was pinned under a display shells or cabinet housing, have been touched is equivalent to a certain point, then feedback to the controller the coordinates of the location is not accurate.

5, once before, once the system is changing the display resolution, adjust the screen size, and installation for the first time have appear no or drift, click to start the application in the positioning of the program, but when positioning, best to use more fine pen or fingertip to locate, it is correct.

6, surface acoustic wave touch screen work environment demand is higher, it must work in a clean, no dust pollution of the environment, but also touch screen periodically clean the dirt on the surface, otherwise, the dust cover on the reflection stripe around the touch screen or transducer, will influence the correct positioning of the system.

7. Do not allow water droplets or other soft objects on the surface of the touch screen to stick to the surface. Otherwise, the touch screen can easily be mistaken for the lack of sound wave screen caused by hand touch. To clear the dirt on the touch screen surface, the user can use a soft dry cloth or cleaner carefully wipe from the center outwards, or with a dry soft cloth dips in industrial alcohol or glass cleaning fluid cleaning touch screen surface.

8, if use your hands to touch or other touching surface acoustic wave touch screen, touch screen is very slow, it shows that most likely touch screen system is obsolete, the internal clock frequency is too low, or is due to the touch screen surface is water in the mobile, restore fast response to touch screen, must replace or upgrade system, or use dishcloth dry the water on the surface of the touch screen.

9. The touch screen usually USES serial port for signal transmission, and the signal is taken from the PS/2 port, while the TPS screen is charged directly from the host power supply. If the indicator light is not on, the signal is not taken and the PS/2 line on the control box may be broken. If the light is on, but still does not flash, the control box is broken, so the user must change the control box. If change the control box or not, is likely to be the screen being too tight, need to be surrounded by the screw loose slightly, because the touch screen is made of special materials, it's not easy to damage. If the serial port is bad or is disabled, the driver cannot be installed, because when the driver is installed, the serial port is automatically searched. Even if it can be installed, the mouse will not move or can not locate. It is best not to use a serial mouse to judge whether a serial port is good or bad, and maybe nine different ways of using it are different for each of them. If the screen is pressed, or if the ground wire is not connected properly, it will cause an inability to locate. If there are areas that are not clickable or slow to respond, it may be dust that needs to be removed to remove dust.

10, a location when a finger touch capacitive touch screen, touch screen without any reaction, it is likely to be touched is not accurate, the cursor, of course, also can't correct positioning. If is cabinet casing pressure touch area users can be up the cabinet and the distance between the display screen, if is the display case pressure touch area, the user can try to display the shell of the screws loosen a try.

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