13.3inch Custom Capacitive Touch Screen

13.3inch Custom Capacitive Touch Screen

We offer customized glass capacitive touch screen solutions which are prepared according to customer requirements. Our touch screens may be produced in a selected shape, color, with logo and other additional elements as per specification provided by the...

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Product Details

capacitive touch panel film

Custom designed projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens deliver pinpoint accuracy with multi-touch functionality. Used in a variety of industries, ranging from medical and industrial to consumer applications and military, WIWO’s PCAP touch screens are offered at different pricing points in order to best meet a wide range of budgets.

Although capacitive touch screens have been around since the 1970s, the recent explosion in the popularity of smart phones has brought projected capacitive touch technology to the forefront of touch screen technology. Whether your project requires single touch or multi-touch with gesture capabilities, WIWO’s customized capacitive touch screen technology is sure to deliver an interactive solution for your unique touch screen needs.

13.3 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch


Model NumberCST133GG0306
Cover Glass Dimension325.8±0.1*204.8±0.1*1.1±0.05MM
Sensor Size307.32±0.2*180.5±0.2*0.7±0.05MM
Cover Lens VA293.02±0.2*164.17±0.2MM
 ITO Glass  0.7MM 
Cover Glass1.1MM
Total Thickness2.0±0.1MM
Surface Hardness≥6H
Operating Temperature–20℃~70℃  ≤90%RH
Storage Temperature–30℃~80℃  ≤90%RH
ICGT9110 RX30*TX42
Interface of CTPIIC
Touch Points5-10Points
Touch Accuracy±1MM

13.3 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel13.3 Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Product Advantages

Honeycomb structure.

Independent signal output.

Realizes multitouch capabilities. 

Touch screens can be built in specific dimensions requested by clients in custom orders.

Custom situation

Custom touch panel

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