3.9inch Tft Active Matrix Lcd Display

1.Product name:3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display
2.Model Number:NMLCD-039QWQ01HS-DC02
3.Optical Source :LED

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3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display

3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display are used in liquid crystals. The molecules used have to be anisotropic, and to exhibit mutual attraction. Polarizable rod-shaped molecules (biphenyls, terphenyls, etc.) are common. A common form is a pair of aromatic benzene rings, with a nonpolar moiety (pentyl, heptyl, octyl, or alkyl oxy group) on one end and polar (nitrile, halogen) on the other. 

Model NameNMLCD-039QWQ01HS-DC02
Screen Size3.9 inch
Screen TypeTN
Display Dimension96.04X26.34
Viewable Dimension95.04X25.34
Outside Dimension105.5X40.64 MM
Contrast Ratio500
Viewable Angle50/70/70/70
Best Viewing Angle12 O’clock
Operating ModeRGB-24BIT
Response Time25MS
Color arrangementRGB
Optical SourceLED
Driving Voltage2.8V
Operating Environment-20 +70 ℃

         3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display

Chemicals used

Sometimes the benzene rings are separated with an acetylene group, ethylene, CH=N, CH=NO, N=N, N=NO, or ester group. In practice, eutectic mixtures of several chemicals are used, to achieve wider temperature operating range (-10..+60 °C for low-end and -20..+100 °C for high-performance displays). For example, the E7 mixture is composed of three biphenyls and one terphenyl: 39 wt.% of 4'-pentyl[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-carbonitrile (nematic range 24..35 °C), 36 wt.% of 4'-heptyl[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-carbonitrile (nematic range 30..43 °C), 16 wt.% of 4'-octoxy[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-carbonitrile (nematic range 54..80 °C), and 9 wt.% of 4-pentyl[1,1':4',1-terphenyl]-4-carbonitrile (nematic range 131..240 °C).

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3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display


3.9inch tft active matrix lcd display



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