2.7INCH Digit Lcd Display Module

1.Product name:2.7INCH digit lcd display module
2.Model Number:NMLCD-27960480
3.Color arrangement :RGB

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2.7INCH digit lcd display module

2.7INCH digit lcd display module's color performance are multiple terms to describe different aspects of color performance of a display. Color gamut is the range of colors that can be displayed, and color depth, which is the fineness with which the color range is divided.

Model NameNMLCD-27960480
Screen Size2.7 inch
Screen TypeTN
Display Dimension54X40.512
Viewable Dimension56.3X42.8
Outside Dimension67.3X46.6
Contrast RatioALL
Viewable Angle60/60/50/55
Best Viewing Angle6 o’clock
Operating ModeRGB
Response Time35MS
Color arrangementRGB
Optical SourceLED
Driving Voltage2.8V
Operating Environment-20 +70 ℃

         2.7INCH digit lcd display module2.7INCH digit lcd display module


Brightness and contrast ratio: Contrast ratio is the ratio of the brightness of a full-on pixel to a full-off pixel. The LCD itself is only a light valve and does not generate light; the light comes from a backlight that is either fluorescent or a set of LEDs. Brightness is usually stated as the maximum light output of the LCD, which can vary greatly based on the transparency of the LCD and the brightness of the backlight.

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2.7INCH digit lcd display module


2.7INCH digit lcd display module



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2.7INCH Digit Lcd Display Module

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