1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass

1.Product name:1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass
2.Model Number:NMLCD -HX130824C-A

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1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass

1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass are used in a wide range of applications including LCD televisions, computer monitors, instrument panels, aircraft cockpit displays, and indoor and outdoor signage. Small LCD screens are common in portable consumer devices such as digital cameras, watches, calculators, and mobile telephones, including smartphones. LCD screens are also used on consumer electronics products such as DVD players, video game devices and clocks. LCD screens have replaced heavy, bulky cathode ray tube (CRT) displays in nearly all applications. LCD screens are available in a wider range of screen sizes than CRT and plasma displays, with LCD screens available in sizes ranging from tiny digital watches to very large television receivers.

Model NameNMLCD -HX130824C-A
Screen Size1.3 inch
Screen TypeIPS
Display Dimension32.8X32.8mm2
Viewable Dimension32.4X32.4mm2
Outside Dimension39.8X39.1mm
Luminance400  CD/mm2
Contrast Ratio500
Viewable AngleALL
Operating Mode3 wires SPI
Best Viewing Angle80/80/80/80
Response Time30msec
Color arrangementRGB
Optical SourceLED
Touch PanelOGS CTP-ITE7258
Interface3 wires SPI
Driving Voltage2.8V
Operating Environment-20 +70 ℃

         1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass

Specifications of LCD

Resolution The resolution of an LCD is expressed by the number of columns and rows of pixels (e.g., 1024×768). Each pixel is usually composed 3 sub-pixels, a red, a green, and a blue one. This had been one of the few features of LCD performance that remained uniform among different designs. However, there are newer designs that share sub-pixels among pixels and add Quattron which attempt to efficiently increase the perceived resolution of a display without increasing the actual resolution, to mixed results.


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1.3 Inch Lcd Panel China AG Glass

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