Projected Capacitive Touch Touch Screen Panel

1.Product name:projected capacitive touch touch screen panel
2.Model Number:CHX215GG001
3.Total thickness:3.0±0.2MM
4.Sensor Size:496.42±0.2*289.41±0.2*0.7±0.2MM

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Product Details

projected capacitive touch touch screen panel 

projected capacitive touch touch screen panel is becoming increasingly popular, they are by no means a new invention. The first touchscreen was invented back in the 1960s, and has gone through many changes and iterations to become the touchscreen we use today.

Touchscreens are not limited to smartphones and tablets, they are literally everywhere,from ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals, and navigation systems, to game consoles and even touchpads on laptops. Touchscreens are popping up everywhere, and are slowly taking over our lives, so the least we can do is know a bit more about how they work.

Model Number




Cover Glass Dimension


Sensor Size


Cover Lens VA


ITO Glass


Cover Glass


Total Thickness


Surface Hardness






Interface of CTP


Touch Points

5-10 Points

Operating Temperature

–20℃~70℃   ≤90%RH

Storage Temperature

–20℃~80℃   ≤90%RH

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Fujian WIWO Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, researcher and designer of Industrial Projected Capacitive Touch Panel / Screen, which has been certificated by IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015. Our major product range includes Glass + Glass, Glass + Film, Glass + film + film, full lamination, 3D touch screen and large size touch screen. We have hundreds of dust-free work shop1000 square meters and thousands of dust-free plant 2200 square meters. Meanwhile we use the advanced equipments from Japan and Taiwan to secure the Best Quality for our customers.Welcome to contact us at anytime!!

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Projected Capacitive Touch Touch Screen Panel

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