4 Inch Car Stereo Capacitive Touch Screen

Fujian WIWO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern science and technology company who professionally researches, manufactures and sells touch screen. Our factory is located in Zhangzhou national hi-tech zone Jinfeng industrial park in the west coast of the Straits Economic Zone. We are one of the main touch screen supporting manufacturers in the industry.

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4 Inch car stereo capacitive touch screen

The development of multipoint touchscreens facilitated the tracking of more than one finger on the screen; thus, operations that require more than one finger are possible. These devices also allow multiple users to interact with the touchscreen simultaneously.

With the growing use of touchscreens, the cost of touchscreen technology is routinely absorbed into the products that incorporate it and is nearly eliminated. Touchscreen technology has demonstrated reliability and is found in airplanes, cars, consoles, machine control systems, appliances, and handheld display devices including cellphones.

Model Number




Cover Glass Dimension


Sensor Size


Cover Lens VA


ITO Glass


Cover Glass


Total Thickness


Surface Hardness






Interface of CTP


Touch Points

5-10 Points

Operating Temperature

–20℃~70℃   ≤85%RH

Storage Temperature

–30℃~80℃   ≤85%RH


4 Inch car stereo capacitive touch screen

10 capacitive touch screen monitor

About WIWO

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Fujian WIWO's capacitive touch screen product structures have GF,GFF, GG, fully laminating, car capacitive screen, 3D touch screen, large size touch screen, etc. The company has 3800 square meters of touch screen product production base and high standard laboratory, 800 square meters of 100 grade dust-free workshop and 2000 square meters thousand grade dust-free workshop. 

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