21.5inch Usb Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

19 capacitive touch screen Our comprehensive range of touch Panels are based on latest technology for ‘lightweight’ user interfaces such as in Windows CE® Limelight Wall/PC. . With touch Panel technology set points and other parameters can be easily changed. Our touch panels find its uses in air...

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Customizable 21.5 inch usb capacitive touch screen panel Open Frame

A capacitive touchscreen also consists of two spaced layers of glass, which are coated with conductor such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). Human body is an electrical charge conductor. When a finger touches the glass of the capacitive surface, it changes the local electrostatic field. The system continuously monitors the movement of each tiny capacitor to find out the exact area where the finger had touched the screen.

Advantages of Capacitive Touchscreen

Because capacitive touchscreen has glass layer instead of plastic, it looks brighter and sharper

Highly touch sensititive and doesn’t need a stylus

Supports multi-touch

Disadvantages of Capacitive Touchscreen

Because the technology is dependent on the conductive nature of human body, it doesn’t work if the user is wearing gloves

Because of having a complex structure, these are quite expensive

Glass is more prone to breaking

Phones with Capacitive Touchscreen

usb capacitive touch screen panel (4) usb capacitive touch screen panel

21.5 Inch Projected Capacitive TouchPanel
Model NumberCSR215GG0318
Cover Glass Dimension533.4±0.3*324.86±0.3*1.1±0.05MM
Sensor Size496.42±0.2*289.41±0.2*0.7±0.05MM
Cover Lens VA476.64±0.3*268.11±0.3MM
 ITO Glass  0.7MM 
Cover Glass1.1MM
Total Thickness2.0±0.15MM
Surface Hardness≥6H
Operating Temperature–10℃~70℃  ≤90%RH
Storage Temperature–20℃~80℃  ≤90%RH
Interface of CTPCOB-ILI2302M 
Touch Points5-10Points
Touch Accuracy±1MM

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