7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car GPS

7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car GPS

GPS auto navigator with built-in dash cam, advanced driver alerts such as forward collision warning 5 and 5.0-inch capacitive touch, pinch-to-zoom display. Provides real-time services such as live traffic and basic weather.

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7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen car GPS

In a world where app-enabled smartphones have seemingly limitless capabilities, one must ask whether the once-innovative GPS device has lost its relevance. Turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic reporting, satellite-tracked speed, voice guidance, and crowd-sourced alerts are all part of popular apps like Google Maps and Waze, so dishing out $300 for redundant features can seem foolish. Fortunately, the best in-car GPS devices can do far more than tell you how to get from A to B.

Model Number




Cover Glass Dimension


Sensor Size


Cover Lens VA


ITO Glass


Cover Glass


Total Thickness


Surface Hardness






Interface of CTP


Touch Points

5-10 Points

Operating Temperature

–20℃~85℃   ≤90%RH

Storage Temperature

–30℃~85℃   ≤90%RH


7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen car GPS

7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Kit AG Glass


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A dedicated GPS device is easier to read than a smartphone and gives you dependable directions even in areas where your phone doesn’t get data; it also lets you offload navigation duties to free up your phone for other tasks and conserve its battery. 

The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and many types of information appliances is driving the demand and acceptance of common touchscreens for portable and functional electronics. Touchscreens are found in the medical field, heavy industryautomated teller machines (ATMs), and kiosks such as museum displays or room automation, where keyboard and mouse systems do not allow a suitably intuitive, rapid, or accurate interaction by the user with the display's content.

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7 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car GPS

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