Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

We offer customized glass capacitive touch screen solutions which are prepared according to customer requirements. Our touch screens may be produced in a selected shape, color, with logo and other additional elements as per specification provided by the...

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Product Details

Projected capacitive touch screens

Projected capacitive touch screens are the type of touch that most are familiar with as they are commonly used on Smartphones and tablet PCs. If you have a Smartphone, you know how comfortable its light-touch operation is; such as flicking and zooming. We have such projected capacitive touch screens ready for industrial use for middle and large sizes. Projected capacitive touch screens are trendy and popular not only due their operability but also the excellent durability, toughness, appearance and design.

CJX133GG53-13点3 (3)医疗CJX133GG53-13点3 (4)医疗

Product Advantages

Honeycomb structure.

Independent signal output.

Realizes multitouch capabilities. 

Touch screens can be built in specific dimensions requested by clients in custom orders.

Custom situation

Custom touch panel

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