13.3 Inch Touch Screen Panel

13.3 Inch Touch Screen Panel

If you are looking for a touch screen, WIWO probably has something for almost any usage environment or installation requirement. Our touch screen technologies include analog capacitive, analog resistive, surface acoustic wave, and infrared optical imaging.

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13.3 inch touch screen panel

Projected capacitive touch screens are the type of touch that most are familiar with as they are commonly used on Smartphones and tablet PCs. If you have a smartphone, you know how comfortable its light-touch operation is,such as flicking and zooming. 

We have such projected capacitive touch screens ready for industrial use for middle and large sizes. Projected capacitive touch screens are trendy and popular not only due their operability but also the excellent durability, toughness, appearance and design.

Model Number




Cover Glass Dimension


Sensor Size


Cover Lens VA


ITO Glass


Cover Glass


Total Thickness


Surface Hardness






Interface of CTP


Touch Points

5-10 Points

Operating Temperature

–20℃~70℃   ≤90%RH

Storage Temperature

–30℃~80℃   ≤90%RH


15 touch panel

15 touch screen panel

Characteristics of Touch Screen

✔As it is layered on top of the display, it should not degrade the display image.

✔Its resolution should be equal to that of the video display.

✔Activation is independent of size of stylus, conducting or non-conducting nature of styli and touch of gloved or non-gloved finger.

✔It is capable of providing positive, tactile feedback to the operator.

✔Architecture should be modular and capable of integration with other input devices and networks.

✔Due consideration has been given to the human perspective by considering aspects such as ergonomics, cognitive psychology and human physiology.

✔It requires precise selection of targets to avoid accidental selection of adjacent targets.

✔It is impervious to adverse environmental conditions of dust, grease, moisture, pressure, vibrations, chemical or oil vapours.


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